Youth America Grand Prix


Frequently Asked Questions

Participants who require assistance in finding choreography for contemporary entry are welcome to check our Contemporary Choreographer List.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grand Defile?

Grand Defile is a specially choreographed piece for the YAGP participants, which is performed at the YAGP Closing Night Gala. Both Solo and Ensemble participants are welcome to take part in Grand Defile.

Can the general public watch the Semi-Final competitions?

The general public is invited to attend the Semi-Final competitions. Tickets are free for anyone under 21 years old or $5 cash at the door for adults over 21. The workshops are not open to the public.

Is it OK if I do a solo variation from a pas de deux?

Absolutely. Though the pas de deux might be only listed on the Classical Repertoire List, it includes the solos that are a part of the pas de deux.

What is the Grishko Model Search? What kinds of photos should I submit?

The Grishko Model Search is an opportunity to appear as a model in advertisements for Grishko Dancewear. Each year, Grishko representatives select a young dancer who they feel represents the spirit of the community.

To enter the Grishko Model Search simply check off the ´Model Search´ box on your YAGP registration form. Please submit 2 photos: one in dance clothes and one headshot. The entrance fee is $25. To have the photos returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Photos may be in black and white or color and may be any size.

How should I pay my registration fee?

You may pay be check or money order made out to Youth America Grand Prix, by credit card via Paypal to (please notate your student's name in the notes section), or call 201.444.3121 with your credit card information.

When sending in my registration packet, is a signature confirmation necessary?

No, a signature confirmation is not necessary. We will send you a registration confirmation as soon as we receive your registration.

I´ve registered to present both a classical and a contemporary piece. Do I need to pick a classical or contemporary workshop?

No, there is one workshop held for each age category regardless of what you enter in competition.

What do you mean by 'Contemporary Dance?"

The contemporary dance category should be seen as an open category where the participant selects a piece that shows off your strengths as a dancer outside of classical ballet. The entries in this category should compliment your style and strengths. You may select any type of music.

Do I need to fill out a separate registration form for every entry?

Yes, please!

How do I get tickets to watch the competition?

For all regional competitions, no advance tickets reservation are required. Simply arrive at the theatre the morning of the competition.

When entering an ensemble piece, what age category should we enter?

Ensembles are presented in their own category. When entering an ensemble, be sure to list the ages and DOB of each member of the ensemble. Judges will know the ages of each member of the ensemble and will look at the piece accordingly. Students in an ensemble piece in the competition will take the workshop appropriate to their age range.

For regional competitions, do I need to do a classical and contemporary piece?

For a regional competition, you do not need to enter a piece in both categories. If you go to finals in New York, you will need to enter pieces in both categories.

May I enter more than one variation in one category in the regional?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of variations you may enter. Remember at finals you will only be able to enter one piece in each category.

May I compete in more than one regional competition?

No, you may only compete in one Regional competition unless there are extenuating circumstances, as delineated in the Rules and Regulations.

What form should my music be in?

There is a new Music Submission policy with the 2012 Season. All music should be submitted via email in an MP3 Format to In the subject line of each email (one piece of music per email) it should read: Venue, State, PC or Junior or Senior or Ensemble, Classical or Contemporary, Last Name, First Name or Name of School, "Title of Piece". A backup CD must be kept available at all times by each participant and/or their representative. Participants must notify the sound technician or YAGP backstage manager of any irregularities in the music (any pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.).

What type of costume should I wear?

No costume is required. We will not deduct points for competing in basic dance clothing.