Vladimir Vasiliev: A Gala Tribute to A Dance Legend

Vladimir Vasiliev is a living legend that has defined 20th Century ballet.  He is the only dancer to be given the title of “World’s Best Dancer” by the Paris Dance Academy, hailed by critics worldwide as “God of the dance … a miracle in art, perfection.”  Having dazzled the world for over half a century with his performances at Bolshoi Ballet and virtually every major company around the world, this dance icon will return to New York for a tour-de-force performance after a 20-year absence.

On March 27, 2010 Youth America Grand Prix will pay tribute to this giant in the ballet world by presenting a spectacular Gala performance featuring the stars of Bolshoi Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, The Royal Ballet, New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, who will perform in honor of the legendary dancer and Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet on his 70th birthday. 

Don’t miss this unique chance to become a part of living ballet history!   


    This year’s Gala will honor Vladimir Vasiliev, and will feature the stars of:

  • Gray Davis - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • David Hallberg - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Sarah Lane - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Veronica Part - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Joseph Phillips - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Luis Ribagorda - (American Ballet Theatre)
  • Giuseppe Picone - (Ballet di Roma)
  • Slavik Kryklyvyy - (Ballroom World Champions)
  • Anna Melnikova - (Ballroom World Champions)
  • Polina Semionova - (Berlin State Opera Ballet)
  • Daria Khokhlova - (Bolshoi Ballet)
  • Olena Dolgikh - (Kyiv Modern-Balet)
  • Dmytro Kondratiuk - (Kyiv Modern-Balet)
  • Moiseyev Dance Company
  • Rubinald Pronk - (Morphoses)
  • Ashley Bouder - (New York City Ballet)
  • Ana Sophia Scheller - (New York City Ballet)
  • Emmanuel Thibault - (Paris Opera Ballet)
  • Sarah Lamb - (The Royal Ballet)
  • Sergei Polunin - (The Royal Ballet)
  • and
  • A special performance by Maestro Vladimir Vasiliev himself